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Brazil: weekend of demonstrations and negotiations, the fate of Temer in play

Ⓒ AFP – EVARISTO SA – | Brazilian President Michel Temer leaves the official residence of the Jaburu Palace at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, May 19, 2017

Brazil is preparing to live a weekend under high tension, between demonstrations and political negotiations, which could decide the fate of President Michel Temer, targeted by serious accusations of corruption.

The head of state tries at all costs to prevent a disintegration of the coalition that supports Congress in order to guard against a procedure of dismissal, the same one that cost a chair a chair a year ago Left by Dilma Rousseff. It was then that Mr. Temer came to power after the dismissal of Mrs. Rousseff, of which he was the vice-president.

Several impeachment motions have been tabled by parliamentarians, but the procedure is lengthy and requires a two-thirds majority in the Chamber of Deputies and then in the Senate.

Left parties, trade unions and civil society organizations called on Sunday for demonstrations across the country with a single slogan: the resignation of Michel Temer. The level of mobilization will measure the anger of the Brazilians.

The vice again tightened Friday on the president. In a request to initiate an investigation against Michel Temer at the Supreme Court, Attorney General Rodrigo Janot said that the head of state, in collaboration with several influential politicians, tried to “prevent the advance” Of the operation “Express washing”, the sprawling survey revealed the mega-scandal of corruption Petrobras.

This request for the opening of an investigation is based on an agreement signed with the justice by the magnate of the food industry, Joesley Batista whose explosive revelations triggered a true earthquake.

– ‘No other issue’ –

The president was registered without his knowledge by this businessman, owner of the giant meat JBS and the famous brand of flip-flops Havaianas, who would have trapped him in the process of agreeing to the payment of bribes, wine.

These bribes, revealed Wednesday evening by the newspaper O Globo, would aim to buy the silence of Eduardo Cunha, former boss of the Chamber of Deputies, now in prison for his involvement in the Petrobras scandal.

The Supreme Court released the tape on Thursday night after giving a green light to open an inquiry against 76-year-old Temer.

And on Friday, this same Supreme Court released the entire contents of the confessions of Mr. Batista and other JBS executives.

One of them mentioned the payment of 15 million reais ($ 4.6 million at the current rate) in 2014, “in exchange for favors” for the company.

Despite serious accusations against him, Mr. Temer was firm and determined. “I will not resign, I repeat, I will not resign,” he said in a highly anticipated televised speech.

If the captain tries to stay in the storm, some have already abandoned the ship, such as Culture Minister Roberto Freire, who left his post Thursday.

This anti-Temer movement received the weight support of Joaquim Barbosa, first black to have been President of the Supreme Court and highly respected voice in the country. “There is no other way out: the Brazilians must mobilize, go down the streets and strongly demand the immediate resignation of Michel Temer,” he said on Twitter.

In the midst of turmoil, the government tries to save appearances: several key ministers have published on the social networks videos in which they recall the importance of the reforms being approved in Parliament to try to get Brazil out of the crisis.

Following the sharp decline of the stock market on Thursday (-8.8% at the close), things normalized on Friday, rising 2.78% in the early afternoon.

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