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“Bordel”: a presidential projection that goes badly with editorialists

Ⓒ AFP – ludovic MARIN – | Emmanuel Macron on 5 October 2017 at the ELysée

Emmanuel Macron’s new salutation accusing some employees of “fucking the mess” instead of accepting mobility goes badly with editorialists for whom a president should not use such words that upset and leave the impression of a ” contempt of class “.

“Once the contemptuous turn of the formula put aside (but not absolved), we can discuss: formation and retraining are legitimate means of fighting against unemployment, if he had said so, there is no controversy”, writes Laurent Joffrin, in Libération, before asserting: “But the form counts”.

Nicolas Beytout, in L’Opinion, like several of his colleagues, thinks that on the bottom Emmanuel Macron is “right”. But, “why say so, with these words?” Words that upset, create the impression of a contempt of class, “he wonders.

“A president should not say that. In the name of a certain idea of ​​cohesion,” says Stéphane Siret of Paris-Normandy. “A president should take care of his language,” adds Sébastien Lacroix of L’Union / L’Ardennais.

“When Jupiter is visiting, he is asked to talk like Jupiter and not as a carter,” exclaims Dominique Jung of the Latest News of Alsace. For the latter: “The blow of the head of the president blurs his message”. “Worse, it confirms this image of banker above ground, disconnected from the ground and social realities,” worries Hubert Coudurier, Telegram.

– “The varnish cracks” –

“This projection adds water to the mill of those who ironize on the Robin Hood backwards that takes … to the poor to give to the rich,” says Jean-Marcel Bouguereau, of the Republic of the Pyrenees.

Very angry, Maud Vergnol, in Humanity, is alarmed to see a President of the Republic no longer “control his morgue” and “violence of his attacks against the most fragile.”

“Macron has probably forgotten that he was not leaning on the counter of the Cafe du Commerce, and that we can also fuck the brothel out of despair,” recalls Florence Chédotal of La Montagne Center-France.

“The varnish sometimes cracks,” remarked Olivier Pirot, in the New Central West Republic and there “the feeling is clearly that of contempt”. Impression shared by Eric Marty (Midi Libre) for whom this salutation, “delivers a share of contempt and weariness facing the reactions of employees anxious justifiably for their future.”

“Each time, Emmanuel Macron adds an exhibit to the trial in” social contempt “+ that makes the left, the FN and the right”, says Hervé Favre, of the Voice of the North. Dominique Garraud, of the Charente Libre is “stunned” by “the regularity with which Emmanuel Macron succeeds in sabotaging his own initiatives to correct an image of + president of the rich +”

“The President of the Republic has unwittingly given the substance of his thought, and it gives the accusation + the government of the rich.” Hence this impression of imbalance and vagueness in the strategic orientations, as Macron would say, , what … “, Patrice Chabanet ironically, in Le Journal de la Haute-Marne.

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