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Police car burned: nine “antifas” fixed on their fate

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – CYRIELLE SICARD – | A police car set on fire during an unauthorized counter-demonstration against police violence on 18 May 2016 in Paris

On Wednesday, the judiciary gave its ruling against nine “anti-fascist” militants accused of participating, to varying degrees, in the attack of a police car in Paris in May 2016 .

The defendants’ supporters called for a rally at the courthouse at 10:00 am, the time for the correctional court to render its judgment.

The atmosphere looks as tense as during the five days of the trial, held last month. The hearings were punctuated by clamors of dozens of people gathered outside the hall, chanting slogans such as “Cops, rapists, assassins” or “Everyone hates justice.”

The sentences required by the public prosecutor’s office range from twelve months’ suspended imprisonment for three young men accused of having participated in a “conspiracy to commit violence”, but without taking action – at eight of a closed prison for the Swiss Joachim Landwehr, on the run, to which he is accused of having launched a distress flare inside the car.

The court concentrated on dissecting the images of this attack on 18 May 2016.

She led the head of the government Manuel Valls, confronted on one side with the protest in the street of the Labor law, on the other with the police’s grumbling against “anti-cop hatred”, to demand “implacable sanctions “.

Some defendants acknowledged their involvement. Thomas Fensch, a self-taught, self-taught computer scientist, apologized to the audience for having beaten several policemen with a policeman who had faced him with his bare hands, nicknamed “kung policeman” fu “.

Others remained silent at trial, or even throughout the proceedings.

– Cluster of clues –

This was not the case of Antonin Bernanos, the most scrutinized of the defendants, who responded at length and calmly to the court to deny the facts of “aggravated violence” that are being blamed.

For the prosecution and the investigators, there is no doubt that this 23-year-old student, who became a figure for the far-left movement during the trial, is indeed the masked assailant dressed in black fist to a policeman still sitting in the car, and who explodes the rear window of the vehicle using a metal stud.

Relying on the anonymous and controversial testimony of an intelligence officer, and on a “bundle” of clues ranging from a color of underpants to dark circles to ringed fingers, the prosecution requested four years in prison firm against the descendant of the writer Georges Bernanos.

And this with a warrant of committal, that is to say immediate departure for the prison for this militant “antifascist” followed by the intelligence services for years, and who has already carried out ten months of pre-trial detention.

His lawyer pleaded the acquittal by conducting a methodical counter-investigation to show that the “clues” detected by the investigators could be found on that day on several other demonstrators with concealed faces, dark eyes and dark circles.

Antonin’s younger brother, Angel Bernanos, is also being prosecuted, but only for “participation in a grouping” animated by violent intentions, a controversial crime created by the right in 2009.

During the trial, the extreme left movement claimed in particular a fire in a gendarmerie barracks in Grenoble in “solidarity with the people who are going on trial these days”.

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